Brass Unlocked

Friday, 17 December 2021 15:19

The first concert at a new venue is always exciting. There is the unknown, the feeling of ways. The uncertainty that it will be a good ‘fit’ for our audience, and of course the usual nerves surrounding any live performance.

Brass Unlocked though was a level above. Not only were we stepping blindly into the unknown, we were doing so after a cessation of playing together that was unprecedented in the band’s history. The players had barely time to reintroduce themselves to each other before the performance.

Keen eyed observers and long time supporters of the band will have noticed a slightly (very slightly) reduced programme to allow for lack of stamina bought on by over a year of not having to perform so much in one go. However the performance was as usual superb. It was like the band had never been away, and although the numbers were not quite as large as we might have hoped, the gallery was quite full even if the auditorium was quite empty (I put it down to the novelty of being able to see the top of so many band members heads - no hiding you guys with comb overs now).

The concert, and arrangements went well. Lessons were learned about best places to park, and where facilities were etc. All in all a great concert. Well done to all involved.