Omicron Variant Blues

Friday, 17 December 2021 15:27

The plan B news has knocked the confidence of live music lovers just as the band prepare for one of their busiest times (for playing) of the year. Nobody wants Covid over Christmas, so this is fully understandable, but so disappointing to those of us still trying to maintain some Live Christmas music cheer. 

What I can tell you (if it helps) is that the band are as concerned as you are. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy. We also want to entertain and bring a smile to faces that so desperately need it following another year living with this pandemic. 

To that end I know that all venues we play at will be as ventilated as possible. People will be encouraged to wear masks as much as possible. The band will be using bell covers (not strictly necessary - the movement of air through the instrument is minimal, and all condensate is trapped in the cold tubes so that small amount of air that is expelled is dry anyway - but it shows we care and we will do anything we can to make people comfortable). The demographic for our audience tends to be older, so we believe that most of our audience have had the opportunity for triple vaccination. Being a discening an intelligent lot, I am pretty sure all of them have taken this important step in the county’s recovery plan.

We wish you a safe and comfortable Christmas. I hope to see you at one of our events (keep an eye on the events page) but even if not, stay healthy and come back and see us when you can.