About us

Fairlop Brass Band is very different from most other bands. To this day it has only had two Musical Directors, Dennis Carney (1970 – 1983) and Kevin Jordan (1984 – present), neither of whom have ever taken a fee for their services.

The band is completely self run, never having an elected committee, and has  rigidly stuck to a one rehearsal a week philosophy (most bands rehearse twice a week and more before competitions). In addition, all players pay annual subscriptions and none have ever received payment or expenses for their services.

The Band has come a long way since 1969, but during that time it has never taken itself too seriously, or lost sight of the fact that it meets each week to enjoy making music.

Even though the philosophy of the band has not changed in all the intervening years, and the core of the band still has many original players from the Junior School Band, there have been many other changes in line-up. 

It is normal for a small band such as Fairlop to go through many players over the years. Some of the players have been outstanding talents that have enhanced the steady improvements made as the band naturally ages. Other talented players have left leaving openings for young talents to fill.

During the growth of the band, nature has taken its course and the band now boast a number of players offspring. This ‘band within the band’ are known as our ‘home-grown-players’ and we are proud of the fact that the band has not forgotten its roots and remains as dedicated to the promotion of young talent, as it is of producing fabulous music.