100 Club 2021

The Hundred Club has been running for many years now at Fairlop, and is an excellent way of showing support, as well as giving yourself a chance to win some money. We continue to make the draw on a monthly basis, apologies for the ad-hoc reporting on here; but you will be contacted immediately after the draw if you have won.

MonthPrizeShare No.Winner
January £15 5James Rogers
January£1511Alan Poultney
February£2025Mr J. & Mrs. L Lewis
February£1214Emma Brady
March£2077David Barber
March£1584Jane Donovan
April£1583Barbara Farnham
April£1255Rachel's Mum
May£205James Rogers
May£1547 Lynne Hunt
June£10029Liam Flanagan
June£2037Cheryl Patten
July£1599Mrs C Harris
July£1596Mavis Hunt
August£2077Mr D Barber
August£1562Mr A Rogers
September£2045Sheila's girls
September£2056Miss K Rogers
October£1569Matt Gibbins
October£1533Marc Ewers