About Fairlop


Fairlop is a suburb of the London Borough of Redbridge. It is Close enough to London to have its own Tube Station (on the Central Line), but far enough out to be on the border of Greater London and Essex.

The suburb itself is dominated by its sister suburbs of Barkingside and Hainault, all three were created from deforestation of part of the Great Forest of Essex.

An annual fair was held at Fairlop for most of the 1700’s, in a clearing in the forest where the ‘Fairlop Oak’ Stood.

Legend tells that the land owner Daniel Day who started the fair was buried in a coffin made from the original Fairlop Oak. Allegedly when the branch was taken for the coffin, the friends who fashioned the branch into the coffin exclaimed that it was a ‘Fair-lop’.

The Oak fell in 1820, but a new ‘Fairlop Oak’ was planted in 1909. The tree that most local’s refer to as the ‘Fairlop Oak’ stands proudly in the centre of the Fulwell Cross roundabout. This tree was planted in memory of the previous trees in 1951.