Virus Update 17 – 12th June 2021

As I write this, we are all waiting for the government announcement on 14th June about the potential relaxation of lockdown regulations from 21st June. Within a day or so of that we will receive guidance notes from Brass Band England as to how we may, or may not, return to rehearsals.

As the crucial date approaches it would appear likely that the relaxation from 21st June will either not take place or will be less than we hoped for. We currently have a small group of band members working on protocols for us to follow when we are allowed to return, and I have every confidence that our plans will exceed the minimum requirements. At the moment we are busy looking at the provision of sanitiser, bell covers and a revised seating plan. The final decision is out of our hands, but whatever it is we will be ready and able to move swiftly.

I trust you have enjoyed looking at our new website and Andy Carter’s insight into how our Virtual Performances were put together (I bet this involved more work than you thought). You will now be able to put concert dates in your diary. Whilst we are looking forward to Brass on the Grass on 14th August, it will be dependent upon us being back to rehearsals in time to put on a decent performance (and of course, good weather). We are all hoping Baking for Brass in October is a certainty.

We have used this time away from rehearsals to undertake several housekeeping tasks, including how to spend a legacy given to the Band from our founder Dennis Carney. We have enjoyed the Virtual Rehearsals, but we are now desperate to get back to playing. However, uppermost in our minds is the safety of our players and our audience and this will not be compromised.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time and we look forward to meeting, and performing for you, again very soon.

Kevin Jordan
Musical Director
Fairlop Brass