Bandsman of the Year

The K.C. Jordan Bandsman of the year was introduced in the late 1970's to recognise the worthy individual within Fairlop who Kevin has identified as having improved the band by their actions during the year. It is Awarded at the Summer Concert, ensuring that the recipient receives the applause of not just the band, but of the appreciative audience as well.

1978Steve Smith
1979Gary Thwaites
1980Derek Swan
1981 Ian Coombes
1982Andy Ellis
1983Andy Williams
1984 Melvyn Patten
1985Alan Poultney
1986Karen Wright
1987Lyn Williams
1988Mark Kennedy
1989Sarah Rogers
1990Sheila O'Riordon
1991Sheila O'Riordon
1992Linda Bowles
1993David Barber
1994 Mark Kennedy
1995Cliff Murray
1996Alan Poultney
1997Sarah Rogers
1998Jeremy Lewis
1999Lynne Hunt
2000Jon Carter
2001Alan Poultney
2002Cliff Murray
2003Steve Smith
2004Sarah Rogers
2005Simon Swain
2006Jon Carter
2007Gary Thwaites
2008Cliff Murray
2009Sheila Ellis
2010Jeremy Lewis
2011Nathaniel Dye/Gary Thwaites
2012Steve Smith
2013Sarah Rogers
2014Shiela Ellis
2015Lesley Lewis
2016Cliff Murray
2017Alan Poultney
2018Sarah Rogers
2019Sarah Rogers
2020Andy Carter
2021Linda Barber
2022Sheila Ellis
2023Alan Poultney