Spirit of Fairlop

In Autumn 2011 Baritone player Holly Miller lost her brave fight against Cancer. It was the year before that Holly, who was only in her mid twenties, was diagnosed with a very rare form of Cancer. In typical fashion she never complained and bravely fought as hard as she could, even managing to meet one of her goals by returning to play with the Band at our Summer concert in 2011. Tragically this was the last time Holly played with Fairlop Brass. Holly lost her battle in October 2011. Her family have told us that after Holly first heard the Band play she had said to her parents that it was one of her ambitions to play with the Band. Holly became a much valued member of Fairlop Brass and the Band were honoured to play at her funeral. Working closely with our Musical Director Holly’s family wanted to donate a lasting tribute to her and so we have “The Spirit of Fairlop” award. This will be given every year to one of the “unsung hero’s” of the Band. This person may not be able to take on one of the key roles within the Band that can lead to Bandsman of the Year, but they take on any number of tasks, turn up each week and always give 100% - just like Holly.

2012Alison Lethbridge
2013Alan Rogers
2014Cliff Murray
2015 Colin Handley
2016Andy Ellis
2017Adam Cuttell
2018 Sarah Chaplin
2019Alan Rogers
2020None. Band Suspended
2021Adam Cuttell
2022Rachel Carter
2023Sarah Rogers